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The knowledge and tradition from the Veneto winemakers, together with innovation and modernity of the new technologies. The result is Villa Arfanta, the new product line with an added value: dynamism. As an excellent expression of the made in Italy, the brand Villa Arfanta includes: Prosecco DOC Spumante, Prosecco DOC frizzante, and Rosè frizzante, a white frizzy wine, and a selection of classic white and red IGT wines from the Veneto region. A young line with a distinctive character, up to date, but at the same time linked to its origins. With this prerogative, the Villa Arfanta wines have two different designs: the easy and fast screw cap or the old style string cork. If the string cork is the expression of the long tradition and oenological culture of our territory, the screw cap is the new trend in closing wine bottles: it is frequently used all around Europe and it is recording an increase in the HORECA channel. The Villa Arfanta line is very versatile and it is considered the best choice to share with friends. It is the protagonist of trendy and fun events, and it satisfies the needs of the European markets. A correct selection of the grapes, according to strict winemaking techniques, and the care in the packaging are the essential ingredients that Vinicola Serena, historical company active from 1881, confirms as a plus for this new line Villa Arfanta.